Magnetic Stripes

magnetic strips
magnetic strips

Magnetic stripe technology (both Hico & Loco) is everywhere. We use cards with magnetic stripes on them everyday without even thinking about it. The technology has been with us for many years, but there are still many new things going on in the industry. We are a authorized dealer and supplier of magnetic strips and provide products across Andhra pradesh, telangana and hyderabad.

With the advent of new technologies, many people have predicted the demise of the magnetic stripe. However with the investment in the current infrastructure this is not likely to be any time soon. Magnetic stripe technology provides the ideal solution to many aspects of our life. It is economical and readily adaptable to many functions.

The standardization of high coercivity for the financial markets has provided the industry with a new lease on life. This coupled with the advent of the security techniques now available means that many applications can expect to be using magnetic stripe technology for the next ten to twenty years.


Application Method Lamination Lamination Lamination
Coercivity Oe 330 Oe 2750 Oe 3600 Oe
Color Black Black Brown
Adhesive Type Plastic Plastic Plastic
Width 12.7mm 12.7mm 12.7mm
Length 1220 meter 1220 meter 1220 meter
Special Features Protective coating Protective coating Protective coating
Typical Applications Plastic Cards/Bank Cards Plastic Cards/Bank Cards Plastic Cards/Bank Cards
Recommended Substrate PVC PVC PVC
Key Features
  • Reliable storage and reading of data.
  • Easy and fast processing
  • Permanent bonding to the card
  • Visual enhancement of the card or ticket through colored design
  • Information can be recorded, read and re recorded many times.