teslin laser printable sheet
teslin laser printable sheet
teslin laser printable sheet

Teslin Printable sheets also know as Laser Printable Sheets. These sheets are user friendly, Durable, strong, water resistance, rubberised silicon sheets. Teslin sheets generally used in to make the ID Cards, Banking cards, Health Insurance Card, Event cards, Driving licence Card etc.

Thickness 250mic
Colour SP1000 (Ivory) / Blue 1000 ( White)
Surface Finish Matt / Matt
Sizes A/4, A/3, 12″x18″, 19″x25″
Key Features
  • These sheets are bright, high quality matt finish with high opacity.
  • These sheets can be Print through any conventional printing technical like screen, offset and Digital Printers on both the side.
  • For the best result in making any type of cards fused with PVC Core , Coated and Uncoated overlay. Can be laminate with Polyester pouch for normal cards.
  • These sheets are high resistance to cracking and de-lamination.Good Compatibility with PVC/PET G and PC Materials.
  • Superior bonding to inks, toners, adhesives, coatings and laminating films.
  • Tamper-resistant and tamper-evident.
  • No edge seal requirements for laminates.